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List of changes for Cenon Version 4.0.x.


4.0.6 - (2017-07-04)

  • Fix, color shades: possible division by zero fixed
  • Fix, DXF-Export: export of closed Paths corrected [since 4.0.4]
  • Fix, Text Path: handle return character within text
  • Fix, Transform-Panel: scale absolute for 0-sized objects
  • Fix, Punch: issue in certain situations fixed
  • Fix, Sierra: workaround for saving TIFF images

4.0.5 - (2016-11-22)

  • Mac OS 10.12, Sierra: crash fixed, caused by removed function
  • DXF-Import: improved (skip SPLINE frame control point in POLYLINE)
  • Fix, Calculus: potential issue (division by zero)
  • Fix, Contour: Crash in very complex paths fixed
  • Fix, Path Contour: improved
  • Fix, Rectangle: copied rectangle includes direction
  • Fix, Set Start Point: start point can not be set for open paths
  • Fix, Calculus: potential issue fixed (division by zero)
  • Fix, Batch: 4.0.3 documents open with default-arrows pointing right/up [since 4.0.3]
  • Fix, Inlays: improved
  • Fix, Contour + Filling: again some bugs less
  • Fix, Output calculation: adding/removing a point to/from Path or Polyline now recalculates
  • Fix, Document-Window: caching issue fixed, which could result in a crash when closing a document
  • Fix, Text-Path: resize via Inspector works again [since 4.0.0]

4.0.4 - (2016-01-27)

  • Tool-Panel: German localization (Tool-Tips) added
  • Fix, DXF-Import: formatting code removed from string (AutoCAD >= 13)
  • Fix, DXF-Export: export of open Paths with multiple sub-paths
  • Fix, Gerber-Export: select tool for path elements
  • Fix, Groups: drag select with text or images without logging to console
  • Fix, Mac OS X 10.10: restrict document cache to a size Yosemite / Retina displays can handle
  • Fix, Mac OS X 10.10: Zoom (+/-) works now with Yosemite
  • Fix, Open File: catch console warning of open/save panel
  • Fix, Batch: New Documents open with Arrows pointing right and up
  • Fix, Add Point: Undo with multiple selected objects improved
  • Fix, Rotating Arcs with tool improved
  • Fix, Undo of Drag Point improved
  • Internal: Source prepared for SDK 10.10 issues (display functions redesigned)
  • SVG-Import: quadratic bezier curve implemented (q, Q, t, T)
  • Fix, SVGImport: stroked rect closed
  • Fix, Contour Left/Right: improved
  • New, Import: Preferences setting (Import -> Move to Origin) to move imported files to origin or not
  • PS-Import: improved to handle insane EPS files by pre-converting to simpler EPS
  • Printing: paper margins set to Null (stupid Apple redundancy since Mac OS 10.8)
  • Fix, Raster Contour, Mac OS 10.10: Retina/Yosemite workaround for large working areas
  • Fix, Contour Left/Right for Arc: improved (should have been here since 2015-08-11)
  • Import: document gets the name of the imported file (not UNTITLED)
  • Fix, DXF-Import: certain Arcs with 180 degree angle or extrusion direction were inverted (extrusion Z = -1)
  • Export: extensions with three letters added:
    "cenon", "cen"
    "gerber", "ger"
    "hpgl", "hgl", "plt"
    "tiff", "tif"
  • Fix, Text: selecting (by click) rotated text improved
  • Fix, Undo: change length Undo (Inspector)
  • Fix, Mac Os 10.10 (Yosemite): import directory is preserved for save
  • Fix, Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite): double clicking title bar of document window will fold up window (not full screen mode)
  • Fix, Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan): open document works
  • Fix, Mirrored Text: after resize, mirrored text could turn invisible (Mac OS 10.8 - 10.10)
  • Fix, Rotated Text: locked rotated text is not moving any more after editing
  • Fix, Undo: Undo for Fill object
  • Fix, Contour: possible crash fixed for Curves with zero length (or control points equal end points)

4.0.3 - (2015-02-10)

  • New, Scale of 125% added
  • New, Import: Import of Cenon files ".cenon" added (Menu > File > Import)
  • New, Batch: more intuitive and flexible (with directional arrows)
  • Convenience: link from HOME/Documents/Cenon -> HOME/Library/Application Support/Cenon
  • Fix, DXF-Import: Pass color down the graphics hierarchy
  • Fix, DXF-Import: corrected Arcs with extrusion direction
  • Fix, Intersection Panel: create only one graphics for many intersection at one point
  • Fix, Update-Panel: same version, later date works now
  • Fix, SVG-Import: crash fixed when importing text
  • Fix, Image: Zoom of scaled images works again [4.0.2, 2014-02-28]
  • Fix, Curve: calculations of curves with only 3 points improved
  • Fix, Arc Clipping: arc sections completely inside Clipping Rectangle improved
  • Fix, PolyLine: moving of start/end points improved
  • Fix, Vectorizer: vectorizing on Yosemite (OS 10.10) repaired

4.0.2 - (2014-01-05)

  • Zoom with Command + / -
  • Grid: the Menu Format->Grid has assigned new key shortcuts:
    Cmd-* (On/Off), CMD-Alt-* (Panel), and Cmd-Shift-* (Align to Grid)
  • Transparency in Color-Panel
  • DXF-Import: import font of text if available
  • New: Opening a document restores scale factor
  • Fix, 64 Bit: 64 Bit improvements
  • Fix, Printing: set minimum line width to Preferences Settings
  • Fix, AI-Import: more tolerant handling of string encodings
  • Fix, Arc Contour: accuracy improved
  • Fix, Rectangle: selection of rectangles with round corners improved
  • Fix, DXF-Import: place inserts on correct layer
  • Fix, DXF-Export, Apple: workaround for special characters in layer names
  • Fix, Move graphics: grabbing of selected graphics at control point is possible now
  • Fix, Rotate Object(s): Improvements
  • Fix, GNUstep: some fixes to make Cenon compile on Windows (thank's to Jason Whiteman)
  • Fix, Apple: Mavericks (OS 10.9): we rewrote the graphics cache of Cenon to work with Mavericks (OS 10.9)

4.0.1 - (2012-11-11)

  • Code-Signing for GateKeeper / Mountain Lion added
  • Package Requirements: >= Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Intel Processor
  • Snapshots: close documents before opening snapshot
  • Fix, Drag-Select: selection of groups improved

4.0.0 (2012-07-19)

  • New: Import of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    Millions of vector data are readily available on the Internet, Signs, Logos, Crests, Symbols, Icons and more are waiting for download.
  • New: Vectorizing Images. A new menu entry "Tools -> Vectorize Images" shows a new Vectorising Panel.
    Vectorization of Images to lines and curves is supported.
  • New, Apple: 64 bit binary for Intel processors added
    3-way universal binary (Intel 64 bit, Intel 32 bit, PPC 32 bit)
  • New, Transform-Panel: scale absolute added
  • New, Set starting point of a selected Path
    1. select a point of a Path
    2. from the menu chose "Edit -> Set Start"
  • New in Open-Panel: Buttons to jump to Cenon locations:
    Cenon-Library, Cenon User-Library, Cenon Documents
  • New in Intersection-Panel: creation of objects from Marks, Threads, Sinkings, Webs added
  • Batch: sort columns more effective, 1. upwards, 2. downwards, 3. upwards, ...
  • Build Contour: created graphic will be selected
  • ToolPanel: Tool-Tips added, icons that are not needed are removed
  • Edit-Menu, Tool-Menu: Tool Tips added
  • Import DXF: import 3D Lines and 3D Faces (so far as lines only)
  • Import PDF/PS: Alert if GhostScript is not installed
  • Import PS: PostScript Operators for character displacement added (xshow, yshow, xyshow).
    When keeping texts editable (no flatten text), the displacement will be ignored.
  • Grid: every tenth line is drawn thicker for better overview
  • Select Object: no annoying beep when locked object is being selected
  • Text: editing a locked Text will not adjust the size of the text box any more
  • Working Area Panel: changes are accepted by pressing Tab key (as well as Enter)
  • Editing, Snap: address issue where snap to point skips some points
  • Inspector: improve setting of angles
  • Layer-Inspector: Fast switching on and off of a layer does not open the Layer-Details Panel any more.
  • Apple, Text: Fit Horizontal text improved
  • manual updated

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