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List of changes for Cenon Version 3.7.x.


3.71 (2005-09-14)

  • New: Multi page documents (basic handling of pages + printing).
    Template layers for even, odd and all pages with wildcards for page number #PAGENUM# and page count #PAGECNT#
    Example document: MultiPage.cenon
  • New: new editing Tool to add a vertex to Paths and PolyLines
  • New: removing of a vertex from Path and PolyLine
  • Punch: punch with Groups and Rectangles added
  • Undo for flatten text added
  • Optimization of memory usage
  • Fix: crash removed on Quit
  • Fix: several bug fixes for calculating contours of objects
  • Fix, Gerber-Export: Filled PolyLines are now filled don't export empty layers any more
  • bug fixes and cosmetics
  • Documentation updated
3.70 (2005-06-10)

  • Layer Inspector: direct adding of a layer with the given name
  • Punch: it is now possible to punch with an unfilled object
  • Ungroup: in mixed selection the groups can be ungrouped
  • Join: better closing (fill) of open paths
  • Printing: print always 100%
  • Fix, Printing: Print-Panel settings are stored
  • Gerber-Import: improved import of polygons
  • Gerber-Import: Arc angles close to 360 degree improved
  • Gerber-Export: output of complex paths improved
  • PostScript-Import: better support of CMYK color space
  • Display: better performance with many objects in groups or paths
  • Fix: loading of an empty group works
  • Fix, Contour: large images don't crash with contour fill and image contour
  • Fix for PolyLines within Paths
  • Antialiasing fixes for Apple and GNUstep
  • more bug fixes

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