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Cenon - OpenStep Download (3.9.1)


Here you find the last version of Cenon for OpenStep 4.2. The OpenStep platform is and no longer supported. The successor platform is Apple.
Cenon is available as executable program or in source code. Additionally, you will find documentation and libraries on this page.


Here is the most recent documentation of Cenon in PDF format for download.
Document Version Language Size Download
The Cenon User's Guide 3.9 English 2.7 MB Cenon_gb.pdf
Das Cenon Anwender Handbuch 3.9 German 2.8 MB Cenon_de.pdf

Cenon (executable program)

Here you find the current version of Cenon.
After downloading double click on the TAR file, then double click the resulting package to start the installation process.
Package Version Platform Size Download
Cenon 3.9.1 OpenStep 4.2 1.7 MB Cenon-3.91.pkg.tar.gz
Cenon Library 3.9.0 OpenStep 4.2 14.7 MB CenonLibrary-3.90.pkg.tar.gz

Source Codes

Here you find the source codes of Cenon. For help, read the files README and INSTALL inside the archive. The library has to be installed separately.
Package Version Platform Size Download
Cenon Source 3.9.1 OpenStep 4.2 2.2 MB Cenon-3.91.tar.gz
Cenon Library 3.90-1 All 11.8 MB CenonLibrary-3.90-1.tar.gz

Download of older versions

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